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Wow what a wonderful weekend we’ve just had. I spent some time on both days in the garden, pruning the remaining rose bushes and fruit trees with the promise of lush new growth followed by great tasting organic produce and gorgeous blooms to fill my home with intoxicating fragrance.
This past winter has been cold, long and wet but we now have had a taste of spring to come. Spring in Adelaide is a welcome relief and a great time to get outside and rethink your garden space. Sphere Garden Design Studio can assist you with redesigning your garden to encourage you to get out and enjoy your garden. Things to consider for the upcoming warmer months ahead…..

Creating shade for those balmy summer nights to enjoy a glass of something cold with comfy chairs to wile away the hours with family and friends. This can be a pergola topped with deciduous climber or deciduous tree. Perhaps an all-weather verandah/alfresco area is what your family needs

Sound of moving water to assist in the cooling feeing, helping to buffer out any road noise.

Provide some strategically placed focal points to give your eye a rest from the harsh sun or to draw your eye away from not so nice views

Spaces to retreat when you want a quiet time alone with a good book or soft relaxing music

Perfumed plants for this time of year are Chinese Star Jasmine, Lavender, Citrus blossoms and herbs such as Rosemary just to name a few.

Enjoying the taste from your own produce. The flavor of home grown food is so much more intense and rewarding than store bought.

Cooking and eating outside in Adelaide’s warmer months is a wonderful experience. The inclusion of outdoor bbq’s and dining tables help to draw you outside in comfort.

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